CBC: Color Blindness Check

CBC: Color Blindness Check

1 in 12 people suffer from some sort of color deficiency.

For this little tool we got our inspiration from Cal Henderson, who made a page showing the effects several types of color blindness can have on the readability of a web site.

We thought Cal did a nice job and since we are doing two projects where accessibility for people with a disability is a major issue, we thought we might add a little of our own to his work.

The Color Blindness Check (or CBC) is a little tool we made for people to test their webpages with. It re-colorizes any webpage you like into a palette that closely resembles the typical palette available to a person having a red/green color vision deficiency. This is the most common color blindness. Comparing Cal Henderson’s data, it comes closest to Protanopia.

Both require Internet Explorer 5.0 or more on a Windows PC. There is some chance that even then CBC will not work… in that case you need to install the latest DirectX drivers.

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