DCDD: Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development

DCDD: Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development

Q42 was responsible for the ‘DCDD’ project: realisation of the website for the Dutch Coalition on Disability and Development (DCDD).

DCDD’s mission is to improve the condition of persons with disabilities by promoting equality of rights, communal responsibility for care, and social integration, with the perspective of human rights as its point of departure.

We tried our best to provide disabled people the ability to make use of the website just as easy and comfortable as those who can use high-end browsers. Right now, the DCDD website is Bobby AAA approved and even Lynx, the most basic of textbrowsers makes the website easy to read.

Primary goal for this project was to create a platform that supports the entire network of DCDD members. Using XML storage at the back-end, the entire website was made completely wysiwyg editable. Based on user rights, the editing environment allows both the webmaster and DCDD-members to edit their profile, write news items, post complete coverstories and articles, easy uploading of documents and images, and of course all of this in both Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Netscape.

We hired IJsfontein to create a fresh design that would fit the company’s serious mission, and as always they did a very succesful job.