Importing Play’s Selenium tests in TeamCity

Since the last post about how to hook your Play Framework (1.2.4) project in Teamcity we have been happy coding away in our project. We even created some Selenium tests. But we quickly found out that Selenium tests are a different cup of tea.

Problem: Selenium (via Play) does not generate test result metadata (xml) files to send to TeamCity.

To solve this problem we have created a small tool which does the following:

  1. Find the Selenium testsuite result HTML files;
  2. Parse those & return TestResult objects;
  3. Send the testresults to TeamCity via Service Messages .

We released this tool under GPL and is available for download on including sourcecode & documentation how to use. It seamlessly hooks into the workflow created in the previous posting about how to get Play to play nicely with TeamCity.

How to get Play working in TeamCity

For a reference how to hook your Play project in TeamCity see our previous post . For the updated play-autotest-teamcity.bat script which integrates the selenium testresults parser see this gist