Lime. What can we say. It’s a very lightweight, elegant and yet very powerful website management tool. Right there in your browser.

Just as you might expect. Its powerful features allow easy maintaining textual content, images and downloads as if you were working with a word processor. Lime has been ranked quite high in several magazines and books on website management.

Content Management in Lime

If your website is editable with Lime, you can simply surf to a specific lime url (often your website followed with ’/lime’) using your preferred browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer, and after logging in you get a small toolbar at the top of your page. With it you can create, delete and modify anything that has been made editable, ranging from fixing a typo, uploading images (which are scaled on the fly) to adding whole new database entries.

Built in Microsoft.NET 2.0 and based on open standards like XML and XSLT, the current Lime is provided as a full CMS supporting databases such as MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and even XML files, but its architecture allows for easy integrating and porting the lime engine to any other platform.

If you would like to edit your current or future website with Lime, drop us a line or give us a call. Q42 can integrate lime in your website, or we can advise a certified Lime implementor to do it for you.

Lime for developers

If you are a website developer, Lime will definitely make your jaw drop. Never before has making content editable been this easy. If you are familiar with

<xsl:value-of select='title' />

then get ready for

<lime:text type='rich' select='title' />.

Yes, the serverside integration of Lime is a set of


elements in xslt that will make content editable when logged in. This lime namespace is very powerful and has everything you’d expect, from doing a serverside create or delete of data using standard CRUD model to selecting new images, aligning elements and dragging content around.