Most used Cocoapods — Dec 2015

We use Cocoapods as dependency manager in nearly all of our iOS projects. It’s always a happy moment when we discover a new awesome pod through a blog, tweet or by talking with people at conferences. So now it’s our time to share! In this blog a roundup of the top 5 most used pods in our projects at this moment.

1. Alamofire

The elegant HTTP networking library for Swift. With 13k stars on Github, one of the most popular networking libraries available. Its simple, yet powerful, interface makes it a no-brainer for us to use it in our projects.

2. PureLayout

Managing Auto Layout from code is a bit of a hassle with the standard APIs that Apple provides. PureLayout makes it a breeze to do operations such as pinning edges to the parent with one simple call. This library helps us use Auto Layout from code and stay productive.

3. SegueManager

Storyboards and segues are very nice, but sometimes that prepareForSegue construction Apple gives us gets messy. SegueManager makes your performSegue call take a block that will be executed to prepare the segue. Better readability, fewer huge prepareForSegue methods!

4. R.swift

Referencing images with strings, guessing font names and casting table cells. It doesn’t feel very Swift-like to us, so we add R.swift as one of the first tools to our project. Now we have compile time checked and typed resources. We use R.image.settingsIcon instead of UIImage(named: “settings-icon”) and we dequeue cells without casting them!

5. Promissum

Asynchronous functions are hard to think about. Promises (or futures if you like) are a really nice way to make your async life simpler. Our goto library when we need promises is Promissum; native Swift, easy to use and well tested.

Do you know a library that we should start using or a better alternative to one of the above? We’d love to hear about it. Feel free to tweet or Slack (top right icon) us.