OkCupid put a smile on my face

OkCupid put a smile on my face

A colleague encouraged me to try out OkCupid. For educational purposes of course: they had a very addictive way of getting users to answer a bunch of questions about themselves. He had himself answered hundreds (!!) of questions.

But what I liked most about my 5 minutes on OkCupid was the feedback on the registration flow. Check out the city box, when I fill in that I’m from Leiden:

I really liked the feedback and it’s tone of voice. But it got me wondering what it would do with more difficult input. So I typed “haag”:

Awesome, so it had a good location search. Now let’s just pick one and move on:

Whow! Didn’t see that coming :)
The password feedback also put a smile on my face:

After this experience I was looking forward to the questions that I was actually here for. But I didn’t even get beyond the first question: “What are you looking for? A: Sex or B: True love”. How am I going to explain either answer to my wife?