[ chat — intr.v. chat~ted, chat~ting, chats ]

1. To converse in an easy, familiar manner; talk lightly and casually. 
2. Computer Science. To participate in a synchronous exchange of remarks with one or more people over a computer network.

[ quek — quek~ed, quek~ing, queks ]

1. A friendly and fun way of visually interacting with other people within an internet community. 
2. A breeze to install, and fun to customize!

Quek focuses on the interactive and fun part of a conversation. Having yourself represented by a visual funny cartoonesque character with the possibilities of not only chatting with others, but also interacting, like kissing a friend, kicking someone, dancing, jumping, playing minigames together and even… farting. Which, in a weird way always seems to be one of the most popular functionalities of a Quek-enabled community.


After choosing a character and name, players are being placed ‘on top of’ a website, and will stay there even while navigating from page to page within that underlying site. You can drag your own avatar around the screen, and chatting is done simply by typing.

Special commands like flying, farting, kicking or kissing are being triggered by certain ‘magic words’. These magic words also affect the mood of the avatar, like being happy, sad, angry, turned around and more! Of course all this functionality can easily be modified and expanded by an administrator.

Some of the features of Quek are:

  • Chatting while you surf
  • Interacting with each other (kissing, kicking, dancing, flying, farting, …)
  • Moods (happy, sad, evil, …) * Setting your status (away, to the toilet, eating, …)
  • Word replacements by images and special fonts
  • On the fly avatar modifications (getting kissed, getting a black eye, wearing a party hat, …)
  • If the website becomes crowded with Queks, turning the gravity on results in all Queks dropping to the bottom of the screen, thus making the website readable again
  • Easy integration in existing and new websites (most simple integration is by including one line of JavaScript) * Optional integration with existing website functionality through easy developer’s API (auto login, buddy lists, …)
  • Zero-install for users (Quek does not require any java or flash plug-ins)
  • Easy setting up chat rooms and private subrooms * Automatic virtual-room shifting when rooms are full
  • Automatic dirty word filtering
  • Moderating console for administrators
  • Event logging
  • Easy skinnable (avatars, moods, objects, etc)
  • Easy behaviour changes through declarative XML settings
  • Lots of other possibilities (watching a movie stream together, playing a game with 100 others, custom implementations, …)

Quek can be customized to any form, to fit in any environment ranging from a playground for children to an enterprise company environment. Adding custom functionality is what the Quek engine was made for, and Q42 has done a wide range of custom implementations.

If you are interested in Quek, feel free to inquire for the possibilities. Drop us a line or give us a call. Doing a Quek project together is always great fun for both parties.